5 Ways to Stay Cool at Work During Heatwaves

No matter the industry you’re in, having to work in an office during a heatwave can prove to be quite a difficult task! Here are 5 ways to stay cool at work during heatwaves.

With the UK and other parts of Europe currently experiencing record-breaking temperatures, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to stay cool and composed whilst sat at your desk.

Health experts suggest that over exposure to heat can lead to dizziness, heat rashes, muscle cramping, dehydration and profuse sweating, so making sure that your body stays at a manageable temperature during hot weather and during heatwaves should be a priority.

To help regulate your body temperature and ensure you keep working at your best, we’ve compiled this list of 5 ways to stay cool at work during heatwaves, so read on for our advice.

5 Ways to Stay Cool at Work During Heatwaves

1) Make Use of Fans and Windows

Providing there is some amount of wind or a breeze outside, opening a window will allow a decent level of fresh air through the workplace which should start to help regulate the overall temperature of the room you’re in.

If however, there isn’t a breeze outside and the air outside is more humid than usual, then opening windows can actually be counterproductive as one of the ways to stay cool at work.

Therefore in this situation, it’s best to keep cool air in circulation by using Desktop Fans or Standing Fans instead.

2) Stay Hydrated

The intense heat caused by heatwaves can cause you to dehydrate a lot quicker than in regular hot weather, which is why it remains vital to make sure you are drinking enough Water whilst at your desk.

Dehydration can directly worsen our mood, concentration levels, heighten fatigue and can be dangerous during heatwaves, with extreme cases of dehydration often requiring medical attention in order to replenish the salts and fluids that our bodies need to function correctly.

3) Dress for the Weather

While this might be tough to achieve depending on the strictness of your company’s dress code, it remains important to try and dress appropriately for the weather conditions outside if possible.

Should your workplace allow a more relaxed dress code, wearing thin t-shirts, shorts and lighter footwear like trainers can be another of the ways to stay cool at work during heatwaves.

Even if your place of work insists on sticking to the regular dress code, you can still opt to wearing smart clothing that uses more breathable materials or is designed with better air flow in mind.

4) Cool Off Your Wrists

If you’re really struggling with the heat and have taken advantage of some of the tips above, then the next suggestion is to try cooling of your wrists.

Applying a cold sensation, such as a bottle of water, an ice pack or even just cold running water, onto your wrist can help to provide an instant cooldown of your body, as this is where the blood vessels are closest to your skin.

The cold sensation will help to cool your blood down which as a result, helps to lower your overall temperature.

5) Step Into the Shade Outside

It might sound a bit trivial to suggest walking outside when the weather is at heatwave levels, but finding some shade away from your desk can be just another of the ways to stay cool at work during a heatwave.

If the heat is getting too much to handle, try finding a shaded area outside your workplace premises. It could be anything from sitting under a large tree on your lunch break to perhaps taking a 5-minute break to stand underneath a sheltered part of the building.

Wherever your best source of shade is, taking a couple of minutes to relax and enjoy some fresh air can make all the difference for when you need to head back inside and carry on with your work.

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