AlphaPura Melts Down And Repurposes The Worlds Plastics, Glass, Metal And Concrete Into New Products

The AlphaPura story begins with Frederick Janson, as former researcher from Stanford University School of Medicine. Janson who is also a graduate business professor, has previously developed a 3D printed water filter, which didn’t need electricity to purify water (pictured below).

FMS Blog Water Purifier

The water purifier

Janson had a vision that his water filter product would purify oceans, seas and waterways, across the world into drinkable water, so that the 2 billion starving and thirsty people of the world, could be provided with clean drinking water. The purifying box would come in various sizes, to suit individuals, families and communities.

Even though there wasn’t a marketing campaign for the water purifier, the concept went viral in a single day, with thousands upon thousands of people showing their admiration worldwide, due to the global fresh water and famine crisis.

FMS Blog AlphaPura Diagram


Even Graham Hancock from the History Channel’s showed a keen interest in the invention, spreading the word, wherever he could. The US television show ‘Shark Tank’ also showed interest in the project and invited Janson onto the show in order for him to raise money. However, at the time Janson was unable to take the project any further due a problem that arose. The project was cancelled, and investors were refunded.


The problem was with the 3D printing material, as they cost too much for Janson to compete with his market competitors. Janson decided to shelve the global water purifying solution, in order to develop a solution to reduce the cost of 3D printing materials and so the AlphaPura 3D printer was born.

The AlphaPura prints using meltable human waste, which effectively provides an additional global solution for reducing human waste, by converting the waste into a free building material. If Janson manages to get both projects fully funded and off the ground, he will have found a way to effectively turn the worlds waste into drinkable water.

There have been a number of prototypes built of the AlphaPura but there is now a version ready for the funding project to commence. It looks like there’s some exciting times ahead for Janson and his AlphaPura team.

Brook Chalmers