3 Reasons to Start Using Multipack Ink Cartridges

If you find you regularly need to stock up on ink, then using multipack ink cartridges is the best way to save you time and money. Here’s why.

Did you know that printing ink is the seventh most expensive liquid in the world?

And did you also realise that the average UK office worker will print up to 10,000 pages per year?

As a result, purchasing printing ink can take up quite a hefty chunk of your annual spending.

If you want to save yourself time, money and convenience, it might be time to start switching to multipack ink cartridges the next time you need to stock up on your printing ink.

Here are a few key reasons why.

It Provides Better Value for Money

As we mentioned earlier, printing ink is one of the more expensive liquids to purchase in the world today.

Additionally, you will tend to see that black ink cartridges will cost more than colour ink cartridges (cyan, magenta and yellow)

So it only makes sense that when regularly restocking your printing inks, to choose an option that provides you with the best value for money every time.

By combining a black ink cartridge and tri colour or individual colour cartridges into one purchasable pack, it means that the cost per pack equals much less than if you were to purchase a black and a colour ink cartridge separately.

With multipack ink cartridges, you’re always getting the best deal.

It Saves You Time

Ever experienced the frustration of getting halfway through an important print out, only to see that the printing ink has run completely dry?

Then you’ll probably find it even more frustrating that this type of situation can be made totally avoidable by using multipack ink cartridges.

There’s no need to search frantically on the internet for the right cartridge number, colour or even the right size of cartridge for your printer when you have multipack ink cartridges at hand.

Instead, you can purchase the required type of cartridge that fits your machine easily, along with several other backup cartridges ready to be inserted into your printer whenever an ‘ink cartridge emergency’ should call.

It Uses Less Packaging

In the current eco-friendly focused world, a lack of packaging or the lessened use of pollutive materials has become an important consideration for both businesses and the average person.

Due to how they have been packaged, multipack ink cartridges contain all the ink cartridges you need in a smaller pack size.

And when it comes to the environment and for the storage in your workplace or at home, this can be a huge advantage to take into consideration.

Rather than having to wade through packs upon packs of different ink cartridge boxes just to find a particular cartridge, using multipack ink cartridges means that you’ll always have a selection of ink cartridges in one pack and in one place, all the time.

Got certain environmental responsibility goals to meet?

Then this can make a very subtle, but impactful reason to choose multipack packaging over singular.

Sam Rose